Naval Energies

Naval Energies

Naval Energies is a leader in the field of marine renewable energy. All over the world, we contribute to the development of alternative, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy, originating from the most powerful source there is, the sea. For the last ten years, our teams have been designing and implementing industrial and commercial solutions to address the energy challenges of tomorrow.


Naval Energies develops renewable and decarbonised electricity production systems and sub-systems based on two different sources of marine energy — offshore winds and the thermal potential of tropical seas. Expertise and transversal products are also developed around these technologies — technological building blocks, MRE site surveys — which Naval Energies is developing in cooperation with its partners, to focus efforts on the areas where innovation capacity and environmental protection make the greatest difference.

A unique range of expertise

From site studies to the construction of systems, from on-site deployment to underwater connections bringing the power to land: we are present throughout the product lifecycle and master the entire value chain: design, construction, installation and maintenance, both at sea and in coastal zones.

Global actor, local driver

Thanks to its international reach and its strong involvement in the local economic fabric, Naval Energies contributes to the dynamism of the economic and industrial forces in the marine-energy deployment areas and the production sites.

A pioneer for marine renewable energy (MRE)

Our history has been forged around strong values and solid expertise in the domain of marine energy.

Starting in 2008 out of the historic know-how of Naval Group, a leader in naval defence and recognised worldwide for its complex systems for the marine environment, our adventure benefitted right from the very start from technological and industrial synergies of high added value.

In 2013, our areas of expertise opened up to the design and installation of tidal turbines with the Irish company OpenHydro, of which Naval Group became the majority shareholder in 2013.

In 2016, Naval Energies became an independent subsidiary dedicated to MRE and today is scaled for its ambitions. Thanks to our regional presence —sites, joint-ventures, representation offices— we intervene in numerous countries, always in the closest proximity to our clients and with an organisation that is personalised and tailored to each project.

In July 2018, Naval Energies decided to stop its investment in tidal energy. Indeed, the gap between the technology and the demand on the market are forcing Naval Energies to bring its developments in tidal energy to an end.

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