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Siemens Gamesa

Our mission: We make real what matters – Clean energy for generations to come

Our vision: To be the global leader in the renewable energy industry driving the transition towards a sustainable world

Our purpose: Empower people to lead the future

Our 6 core values:

  • Result orientation
  • Customer focus
  • Innovativeness
  • Impactful leadership
  • Ownership attitude
  • Valuing people

Onshore wind energy for a cleaner planet

Today, the critical need for sustainable sources of energy has become a pressing global issue. Over the last few decades, onshore wind power has emerged as the favored solution, and has developed into one of the most valued sources of renewable energy worldwide.

By 2020, onshore wind power could prevent 975 million tons of CO₂ emissions per annum. The maturity of the industry, alongside further innovation-led cost reductions, will pave the way for this. Importantly, onshore wind power contributes to local economies and creates jobs, with projects being developed by an increasingly diverse range of interest groups, from private individuals to large corporations.

As high demand continues, considerable technological advances have been made. As a result, onshore wind has become one of the most competitive and cost-effective renewable energy sources, with 520 GW installed globally at the end of 2017.

Strong future for offshore wind power in global energy mix

The demand for global electricity is projected to keep increasing. In the worldwide quest for more renewable energy sources, the rapid development of offshore wind power acknowledges it as the future of the sector. The exponential rise of offshore wind energy can be attributed to a number of factors – including abundance of space and greater, consistent wind resources, which result in an energy output up to 40% higher than onshore.

The EU in particular has experienced huge offshore wind power expansion in recent years. 4,149 turbines are now installed and grid-connected, for a cumulative total of 15,780 MW. Including sites under construction, there are 92 offshore wind power plants in 11 European countries. The rest of the world is catching up too – China had a total of 2,788 MW offshore wind installed end 2017, and is speeding up its developments. Additionally, the US came onboard in 2016 with its first offshore wind farm off Rhode Island. Such global growth has helped drive investment into the sector and interest has led to a substantial decrease in prices. In the UK the cost of offshore wind has fallen by an average of 47% since the last UK auction results were announced in February 2015.

Make Siemens Gamesa your leading service partner

To fully tap the potential of wind power for the greatest return on investment, every aspect of your power plant needs to be considered. Here, the operation, maintenance and optimization of your assets are all key opportunities for lowering the cost of energy.

Wind turbines today are found in increasingly remote locations all over the world, face dramatically different environmental pressures, and will have to endure over 120,000 operating hours over their lifetime. By late 2017, their combined capacity had reached almost 540 GW of energy. And according to forecasts from the Global Wind Energy Council, by 2020 total global wind capacity could supply 17–19% of the world’s electricity needs. With an average turbine availability of 98% over the last decade, Siemens Gamesa can attest to just how effective comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) and adaptable service features are.

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