Marine Engineering Diving Services

Marine Engineering Diving Services

Established in 1991, MEAD (Marine Engineering and Diving) are at the forefront of the Commercial Diving industry.

Based in Brisbane, MEAD has the ability to provide full service capabilities throughout Queensland and interstate. Coastal and Inland diving each provide a new set of challenges to the diving operator, requiring portable and transportable equipment to service a wide ranging field of solutions. The abililty to mobilise our extensive range of specialised equipment and our experienced personnel ensure that your projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

With our unblemished safety record, we have a history of tackling technically demanding projects for both government and private clients.


  • Underwater and On-Water Maintenance and Construction Services
  • Bridge and Asset Inspection Services
  • Potable and Non-Potable Diving
  • Contaminated and Hazmat Diving
  • Underwater Welding and Cuting
  • Remote Operated Vehicle – (ROV) 150m
  • Boat and Barge Hire

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Queensland, Australia

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