The future electricity grid is growing as a new engine of green growth Boasting the world's foremost technology in the field of heavy electrical equipment, which makes up the core of industrial energy. Hyosung Heavy Industries exports its products to many corners of the world, including North America, the Middle East, and Europe. Our company is deemed highly valuable not only in the area of electrical power equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers but also in electric motors and gears. In addition, we possess core technologies necessary for building the future electricity grid, including Energy Storage Systems (ESS), STATCOM, and Smart Grid, and based on them, we are determined to lead the era of low-carbon green life.

Hyosung Heavy Industries creates an environmentally friendly infrastructure where humanity and nature can be sustained together.

Hyosung Heavy Industries is engaged in various areas of construction, including the areas of housing, redevelopment and reconstruction, business and commercial facilities, civil engineering and environment, and SOC. Through constant research and investment, we practice environmentally friendly management whereby humanity and nature can coexist.

Wind turbine

Hyosung Heavy Industries has developed wind turbines with the pride that it contributes to the development of the domestic energy-environment industry. Since the mid-1990s, it has been promoting the development of wind turbines and possesses advanced technology in main components of wind turbines such as gearboxes, generators, controllers and towers. 

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leading company in the domestic wind turbine business. In 2006, we completed the development of a 750kW wind turbine, a 2MW wind turbine in 2009 and a 5MW offshore wind turbine in 2014 based on our comprehensive engineering capabilities. and we have become a global clean energy company focused on people and the environment.

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Seoul, South Korea

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