Realize the dream of mankind by creating a new future through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging new frontiers.

Unlimited Sense of responsibility - An unlimited sense of responsibility for our customers’ safety and happiness is manifested in quality management, and extends to the ideal of creating greater value for society at large.

Realization of Possibilities - Not complacent about our achievements, we constantly pursue new goals. The risk of failure is no deterrent as we seek new challenges on the way to creating a brighter future.

Respect for Mankind - We seek to create value for mankind with better products and services delivered more quickly to more people as a way to enrich their lives.


‘Together for a better future’ is our vision, representing Hyundai Motor Group’s firm commitment to the highest customer satisfaction, as well as qualitative growth. Our resource circulating business structure generates synergy among business sectors – especially automobiles, steel and construction – and creates new value by bringing innovation to customers’ lives in diverse ways. With respect for people and the environment, Hyundai Motor Group will pursue further growth in a way befitting a world leading enterprise.


With climate change and the depletion of natural resources being recognized as a threat to the survival of humankind, new renewable energy is attracting more and more attention. Hyundai Motor Group has been developing the next-generation renewable energy industry that uses tides, winds, solar power, and geothermal energy as the new driving force for future growth utilizing its world-class structure designing, building, and installation capabilities.

Tidal Current Generation, Reading the Flow of the Sea

A tidal current generation station generates power using only the flow of the sea current without the need to erect any dams or seawalls. As the system is located underwater, it is not affected by the weather conditions and the power output can be reliably anticipated. Also, the system is environmentally-friendly while the source of power never depletes, while the influence on the ecosystem is very low. For these reasons, tidal current energy is gaining attention as an environmentally-friendly source of power. Hyundai Motor Group is leading the way in developing the power generation technology using such tidal currents.

Offshore Wind Power, Blow the Blue Wind

Offshore wind power is gaining popularity as a key renewable energy source, due to its advantages in that there are abundant wind resources and the conditions for building large-scaled wind farms are more favorable compared to land-based wind farms. With past experience in marine constructions, Hyundai Motor Group has been developing optimized technologies for offshore wind power and responding to the growth and changes in the offshore wind power market proactively.

Solar Power, Grabbing the Sun

The amount of energy the sun transmits to the Earth is around 23,000 TW, which is about 1,400 times the total energy the entire world consumes (16TW). Hyundai Motor Group is working to develop the core technologies for solar power, the clean energy with unlimited potential.

Geothermal Power, Use the Energy of the Earth

The Earth we live in has an enormous amount of energy. Of these, power generation using geothermal energy utilizes the temperature of the earth that goes up as one digs down deeper. It is a clean, renewable energy source unlike coal, oil, or natural gas. Hyundai Motor Group has been recognized for its technologies in power generation using geothermal energy, which is another renewable clean energy.

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