Wind is LEITWIND’s mission. A free, endless force of nature, which can easily and intelligently be converted into energy. But, wind is also a symbol of change. We try to feel it in advance, anticipating tomorrow’s trends while remaining focused on our customers’ needs at all times.

As an energy company we design, build and install wind turbines with direct drive permanent magnet synchronous generators. A simple solution, which has demonstrated its extreme reliability in every situation. We cannot know exactly what the future will bring, but we are sensing strong tailwinds in the right direction and we know that we will be ready to transform it into new energy.

Strength in numbers*

  • 364 wind turbines all over the world
  • a total rated power of 495 MW
  • 5,3 billion kWh of clean energy produced
  • 4,8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved

LEITWIND worldwide

LEITWIND is located in various sites.

  • Vipiteno, Italy - Headquarters
    Research & development, Product Care, Project Management and Customer Service.
  • Telfs, Austria
    Production of main components: generators, hubs and frames.
    Headquarters of the LEITWIND Test Centre.
  • Chennai, India
    A joint venture with Shriram epc. Production of generators, hubs, frames and blades.
  • Gilly-Sur-Isère, France
    Manufacturing plant managed by LEITWIND's associated company POMA. Production of main components, including generators, hubs, frames, and power converters.


LEITWIND is a part of High Technology Industries, a group of technologically innovative companies specializing in ropeway systems (LEITNER ropeways and POMA), snow groomers, tracked vehicles (PRINOTH), urban transportation systems (MINIMETRO), and snowmaking machines (DEMACLENKO). With production sites in Italy, Austria, France, Slovakia, the United States, Canada, India and China, and more than 90 international sales and service locations, the group works in close contact with the market and maximizes internal synergies as much as possible. A shared manufacturing philosophy and technological heritage translates into quality and reliability which is recognized the worldwide.

By 2017 the HTI group recorded an encouraging result:

  • 873 million euros in consolidated sales
  • 23,3 million euros investment in R&D
  • 20 million euros investment in corporate growth
  • 3.380 employees

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Company Information
Vipiteno, Italy