Lafert group

Lafert group

Lafert has been manufacturing Electric Motors for industrial applications since 1962.

Today the core business is focused on the design and development of technically advanced, High Efficiency Motors engineered to achieve significant energy-savings.

The chief goals of the company are:

  • ever greater excellence and technical innovation - quality is the supreme objective;
  • industrial scale production of fully customizable, specifically designed products that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of any customers;
  • commitment to conservation of the global environment through the development of solutions that combine high efficiency and minimal impact upon the environment.

The Lafert Group's five production units are organised in a structure that promotes integration and full harmonization of production processes; from the design of individual components through to final assembly.
Modern production lines have a capacity of approximately one million electric motors per year intended for air conditioning and ventilation systems, wind turbines, anthropomorphic robots, lifts and automation systems.

Lafert Motors, the parent company, determines the development and investment lines focused on achieving maximum Energy Efficiency. Icme Motors manufactures Customised Motors at an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Lafert Servo and Lafert Drives specialize in producing components for Industrial Automation (Servo Motors and Drives); Lafert Suzhou is responsible for the production of PM Motors for the Asian market.

We have a sales network covering most major industrialised countries to ensure our customers receive prompt and direct personal service.

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Venezia, Italy

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