CertaStop is secondary load brake for winding drum winches, rack and pinion drives, sprocket lifts, skip hoists, hillside inclinators, and material handling applications both large and small.

Originally developed for overhead theatrical rigging, CertaStop offers brakes, hoist, and control packages for a wide variety of applications.

Engagement Sensors

While CertaStop brakes are entirely mechanical in operation, they can be provided with optional engagement sensors. Typically triggered by the movement of the brake disk, engagement sensors can send a “STOP” signal to your control system (typically as part of the Emergency Stop loop) if the brake has engaged. Sensors are tested prior to shipment and are supplied with a pigtail connector. Please inquire with a sales person with your specific needs.

Custom sideplates/mounting brackets:

Brakes can be mounted in a variety of ways. In order to ease installation, we offer custom side plates to allow the brake assembly to bolt to existing holes or hardware. Please inquire with an application engineer to discuss your machine and how we may best assist you. Please note that unless you purchase specific engineering and design services from us, the suitability/size/etc of your own mounting system is not something that we can comment on. Thank you for your understanding.

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