CarenEcolo created in 2015 by Gaëtan FOUQUET has developped a system that collects and filters the contaminated wash waters left when a boat's hull coated with anti-fouling paint is cleaned. The filtration unit is composed of 10 different types of filters that enables the filtered water to be cleaned off any oïl, paint residue, lead, copper, TBT, biocides and other poisonous materials. The system can be customized to meet the client's need, it can be self powered, it can store the wash waters and even re-use the filtered wash waters. It could be used as a portable boat wash !


This patented product has been approved by the French Water Agency and has received 1st prize in the 2016 Crisalide contest and 3rd at the Paris Boat Show. In 2017, our product was prized 5 times including the Marine sustainability Award at Seawork International in Southampton and a Special Mention at the DAME Award in Amsterdam.

How it works

The trailer is taken to the area of work. The back ramp is opened to take out the PVC made tarpaulin rolled on its electrical winder. The collected area is set up in less than 5 minutes. The boat is cleaned by high pressure water taking out all the antifouling paint and the washdown water is pumped at the bottom of your cover as shown on the picture. The filtration unit is turned on when there is enough water to be pumped (2mm) and then the contaminated water is filtered automatically through 7 stages of different types of filters. The water is then returned to its environment, treated off all its contaminants.

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