Steyr Motor

Steyr Motor

Steyr Motors Betriebs GmbH is the specialist for Diesel Engines out of the earlier Steyr-Daimler-Puch group of companies. Decades of Engine Engineering and Production of Diesel engines for all kind of commercial & military vehicles resulted in the development of the Steyr M1- ("Monoblock") engine family. Our products are highly specialised in regard of operational safety, environmental protection, power density and cost effectiveness. Best skilled Engineers in Engineering, Quality Assurance and Production are guarantees for customer's satisfaction and worldwide success with our products.

Steyr Diesel engines are a synonym for most modern technologies, carefully engineered and manufactured as a typical representative of Austria's worldwide image for Engine Engineering & Technology.

We unite experience and quality

Expertise grows with experience – success through quality. A competent team of employees and first-class products are the embodiment of these two principles. We at Steyr Motors Betriebs GmbH are your specialists for high-quality Diesel engines. Steyr brought out the first Monoblock engine back in 1922, while still a part of STEYR WERKE AG (subsequently STEYR DAIMLER PUCH AG). We have been an independent, private limited company since 2001. In 2006, we founded STEYR MOTORS North America Inc. For decades, we have been concentrating all our energy on the enhancement and production of engines of the Steyr M1 Monoblock series. Whether for highly specialized or commercial vehicles – we cover all areas in which man needs to be mobile: on water, on land and in the air.

Your demands are our benchmark

The demands of our customers are the benchmark for our work. We know there is no contradiction in longevity and design. In fact we maintain 100% quality while respecting your very specific optical demands of your engine. Custom designs are our speciality, for boat engines and special vehicle engines alike. Through decades of intensive research, we have raised our engines to the highest standard of operational safety, environmental soundness, power density and value. Steyr Diesel engines are a synonym for state-of-the-art technology – engineered in minute detail and manufactured with utmost care. We at Steyr Motors Betriebs GmbH reflect Austria’s globally excellent reputation for highly innovative technology. While our engines and accessories are in use over the entire world, we have never forgotten our connection to our roots.

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Steyr, Austria

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