Seatek has been established by Dott. Carlo Bonomi in 1986. At that time, Dott. Bonomi was a boat racer and had been Offshore world champion in the early 80s. Because of his great love for races, he decided to invest into the Seatek project, by managing a team of engineers. 

During the first years, Seatek takes part to the major competitions with his 6 cylinders 8,2 litres engine, winning the most important national and international races, including Class 1 world championship in 1988 and 1989.
Thanks to the races experience, in 1989 Seatek starts producing his engine for sales purposes. 6 line cylinders, 4 valves each cylinder, 9,1 litres. The engine was called 6-4V-9.

Seatek engine revealed immediately extremely successful on several markets both for pleasure and military boats. Meanwhile, Seatek was participating to the Class 1 and 2 offshore races as well as many endurance championships, the latest being very important to improve both engine reliability and life time.

  • Record Miami - Nassau - Miami
  • Seatek wins the prestigious race Venice
  • Montecarlo in 1991-1992 - 1993
  • Seatek wins the "Cannon Ball" Miami - New York in 1994.
  • Record across the English channel in 1996.
Meanwhile, Seatek sets up a service and dealer network world wide. The 6 cylinders is adopted by several important military bodies like: NAVY SEALS U.S.A, Italian Guardia di Finanza, M.O.D. England , Guardia Doganera - Spain. In 1992, Seatek gives birth to a new engine 6 cylinders 4 valves each cylinder, direct injection, 10,3 litre that starts getting very popular and will replace the old 9,1 litre engine.

Also this engine is used by several important Class 1 and 2 racing teams as well as for Endurance class races and wins many competitions like:

  • Super boat Championship U.S.A. 1995 e 1995


  • European Endurance Championship
  • Class 1 Offshore world Championship 1999 2000

In 1993 Seatek management decides to invest expanding the premises, work complete in year 2000, building n°3 new automatic test benches, top of technology. A new spare-parts warehause takes place.

In 1998 the 10,3 lt engines gets upodated and further improvement will be done, in order to be always at the top of power to weight ratio as well as the compactness. The Plus generation engines come off, power from 600 Hp to 850 Hp according to the different models and configuration, where the must is longer TBO, durability and extend maintenance schedule. All the engines meet the Imo compliant e Direttiva Ce 2003/44.

In 2007 the twin turbo engine 950 Hp @ 3200 rpm has been designed, model designated to extremely highperformance and racing ones. In 2010 it is PowerbopatP1 world champion winner.

In 2010 Seatek add the Mod 800 Plus Type Approval Military Use 780 Hp 3000 rpm to meet up customers request.

In 2011 the very new engine 12V cylinders engine is presented, the Mod name is 12 4V 21, power delivery can be from 1300 Hp to 1500 Hp at 2800 revs, weight and dimensions a must. The engine has the same thermic group of the 6 cylinder, standardizing the production and stock with advantages concering the spares and consequently the general costs.

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