Segor Industries

Segor Industries

For over 130 years, Segor Industries has been manufacturing high quality products in response to the needs of its customers. Our company on a human scale and our fleet of 60 machines allow us on request to ensure the shortest deadlines. The repair activity of all brands of reducers and the on-site intervention of our technicians are all additions to Segor Industries' global offer.

The Segor Industries company based in Beurey-sur-Saulx (55), which has been ISO 9001 certified since March 24, 2011, has recently had this certification renewed by Bureau Veritas. It concerns the following fields of activity: Study, manufacture, sale and repair of mechanical components and transmissions (bearings, gears, reducers, special reducers, couplings) .

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification attests to our permanent commitment to a quality approach. Our design office is able to adapt our production to the most specific specifications.

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Company Information
Beurey-sur-Saulx, France

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