Microtem was founded by people with decennial experience in the field of "heavy duty" machine design, such as pumps, turbines, compressors and engines. We identified the mechanical seal as the component of biggest interest in which can pour our passion for mechanics which has always been our driving force.

Our technical staff, in recent years, has dedicated to study and test mechanical seals ever more efficient, in order to increase the reliability of the machine and to obviate all those problems that are common in the field of rotary machines such as vibration, misalignment and stress conditions in general.

Not only we have faced the problem from the technical point of view, but thanks to the experience gained over the years with manufacturers of pumps and compressors, in different applications, we have developed products giving our partners the guarantee of interchangeability, universality and ease of installation and maintenance at competitive prices.

Experience in areas of high technology such as the military and aerospace industry has enabled us to live in contact with engineering applications, which have opened up our vision on mechanical seals and sealing systems in general, giving us we the opportunity to add some of these technical solutions on all “Microtem” new products, creating a new line of mechanical seals.

Our "mission" is to create products ever more efficient, more innovative, that can be applied in all sectors giving our customer / partner a real satisfaction which is the basis of our company philosophy. Moreover our real goal is to talk less and less about the MTBF (Mean Time Beetwen Failure) and, consequently, we focus on the building of mechanical seals which exceed your expectations.
Our speed, the constant presence "on site", the high level of competence, the absolute flexibility are just some of the strengths of Microtem, which becomes every day a more important partner for global companies.

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La Spezia, Italy

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