CJR Prop

CJR Prop

As the marine industry has developed and the demand for highly efficient, performance products has continued to grow, CJR has emerged to become one of the UK’s most respected marine manufacturers; supplying precision engineered propeller and sterngear packages to a host of leading commercial, leisure and superyacht brands. To achieve and maintain its position in the marketplace, CJR combines decades of experience with continuous investment in the latest technology and engineering prowess, supplying products which exceed customers’ expectations and demonstrate a genuine advantage over the leading competitor’s products.


Of the many elements which make CJR unique and successful, it is the company’s investment in technology which truly sets it apart from the competition. Since CJR’s formation in 1948, the company has gone from strength-to-strength and today boasts one of the most advanced marine manufacturing facilities in the country. From its multi-million pound ‘true 5-axis’ CNC machining centre, to its advanced computational fluid dynamics programme and in-house ‘supercomputer’, CJR ‘s investment has outstripped industry standards by over 400% in the past five years alone.


Looking ahead, the industry is moving in one direction. As the price of oil continues to rise unabated, customer requirements are constantly evolving and efficiency has grown to become a key deliverable. Performance remains the yardstick against which CJR’s products are measured; however, efficiency reliability, longevity, and the lowest levels of vibration are increasingly contributing to the buyer’s decision-making process. This shift towards a greater emphasis on lifetime cost of the propulsion system means CJR is perfectly placed to play an even more significant role in the future.

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Southampton, United Kingdom