Simplex Americas

Simplex Americas

Simplex Americas LLC was founded in 2003 and represents the interests of Blohm + Voss Industries exclusively for Simplex, Simplan, Turbulo products in the US, Canada, Central America, Caribbean and the South American pacific coast. We provide sales, spare parts, engineering and services all covered by a network of factory trained specialists in the shipping, shipbuilding and repair areas.

About Donald Vogler

Donald Vogler, President of Simplex Americas is a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy and has over 25 years’ experience in the shipping and ship repair industry. Our range of knowledge on a wide variety of products and our dedication helps to serve and support you around the clock; whatever your needs may be.

The Simplex Promise

“Simplex Americas is a great partner in helping us maintain our fleet, supplying us the best in Simplan Shaft Seals and the environmentally friendly greaseless CIP Composite bearing materials for our rudders,” remarks Robert McMahan, Vessel Maintenance & Construction Manager at Higman Marine Services. While Higman is a valued customer, the Simplex promise as a client-centered marine propulsion provider is truly fulfilled when Mr. McMahan discloses, “they are there when we need them in emergency situations and on a daily basis providing great support of their products.”

Simplex is a uniquely positioned marine propulsion sales and service organization due to its family structure. Founding members are on-site, full-time to lend more than 25 years of experience to their clients, ensuring a consistency of quality and service over time. This is an often overlooked or even disregarded aspect of business today. “Lean efficiency” is in vogue. While lean efficiency is vital, especially in a global context, Simplex Americas recognizes that clients are not numbers; and in the marine propulsion business, knowing your clients as more than just an order number is critical.

This is what communicates that Simplex is truly a market leader. Not products sold, rather the manner in which they are vended and how the client is treated. Experience this difference for yourself. Contact Simplex Americas today for a quote or more information about our marine propulsion parts and service.

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