ENAG design, develop and manufacture energy conversion systems working in rugged environments for over 70 years. Our expertise in static and dynamic energy conversion is based on the most reliable technologies of power electronics and electro mechanics. Major international companies acknowledge our capability of providing first class service and products, both standard and customized,     for intensive use in rugged environments. Used in the Marine, Offshore, MRE (Marine Renewable Energies), defence, Railway and Industrial markets our products are renowned for their quality and reliability.


Optimize  performance, sustain and increase experience: To achieve these ambitious objectives, ENAG chose to develop a true culture of quality management.

This Quality policy has defined a certain number of objectives for a 3 year period, which can be divided into 5 major poles based on customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the other actors concerned :

  • Satisfy our customers’ expectations
  • Satisfy profitability requirements
  • Satisfy the key expectations of our personnel
  • Develop a partnership with our suppliers
  • Satisfy community expectations

Overall, definition of our processes, measuring their effectiveness and the permanent search of the improvement their performance must give us a competitive advantage.

“Progressively in each of the 5 axes above, ENAG will seek to position itself in relation to the best and improve its positions”.

Globally, with the definition of our processes, measuring their performance and our commitment to continuous improvement we gain a competitive edge.

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Quimper, France

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