Our company targets define the fundamental tasks and aims of the company and represent the longer term vision of WiCHMANN group's future.

Our vision expresses and the ambitions and the direction of our company's development.

Ensuring our customers' productivity and mobility in the transportation of goods and in industry is our daily challenge, which we rise to every day thanks to our comprehensive service network and the independent decision-making possible to a family company.

Our mission is our task as a company:

We convince our customers with an unbeatable service for issues to do with Cardanshafts, react flexibly and independently, so that we reduce the times of standstill of your machines/production as well as stoppages on account of Cardan failure to a minimum.

We are active in various markets and position our business with our umbrella brand WiCHMANN, which represents the entire corporate group. In addition to this, there are three further sub-brands:

Cardan Service Engineering stands for Cardan shafts in the OEM segment, in which the services of our engineers are indispensable. In the development, construction, design and calculation of Cardan shafts, we cater to the individual, technical as well as innovative needs of our clients.

Cardan Service Network stands for the Cardan shaft replacement business, with which we cater to the aftermarket via our renowned network. Here we maintain our position in the industrial and commercial vehicle replacement business with unbeatable service and fast delivery times. Working together with our franchise partners in Germany and abroad, you will always receive the same first-class service and the high quality you are accustomed to.

Components Service & Trading stands for the supply of spare parts for our Cardan shafts worldwide as well as the marketing of commercial vehicle technology.

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Company Information
Osnabrück, Germany

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