Our company was founded in 1856 and we have been focusing on sealing solutions since the 1960s. To this day, Lagersmit serves a vast number of customers consisting of suppliers of propulsion systems, ship owners, shipyards, dredging companies, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants. We have supplied these markets with more than 50,000 seals in total.

From the moment the Kinderdijk-based Machinefabriek Diepeveen, Lels en Smit (DLS) was founded in 1856, the basis was created for Lagersmit. Machinefabriek DLS fulfilled the needs of the neighbouring shipyards L. Smit & Zoon (LSZ) and J. & K. Smit. The copper and iron foundry of L. Smit & Zoon was ultimately the direct predecessor of Lagersmit, which was founded in 1956.

In 2010 IHC Lagersmit moved from the IHC shipyard in Kinderdijk to a new building on the River Noord in Alblasserdam. Since 2005 IHC Lagersmit has also had a branch in China to better serve the Asian market. After various name changes, on 1 July 2014 IHC Sealing Solutions became completely separate from the Koninklijke IHC group through an acquisition by the former CEO, Willem Steenge, in combination with Rabo Participaties (RaPar; a subsidiary of Rabo Private Equity), a strong financial party that was also involved in IHC and was keen to reconnect with this company. With regard to the name, we also returned to our original name: Lagersmit. With the independence from the former parent company Royal IHC, Lagersmit acquired the unique position of becoming an independent sealing OEM.

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Alblasserdam, The Netherlands