Tenö shipyard

Tenö shipyard

Tenö shipyard has been serving Swedish commercial shipping since 1967

Tenö shipyard, beautifully situated in the Vaxholm archipelago, was completed in 1967 and has since served Swedish professional shipping with qualified maintenance and repair work. The yard has been owned by the Swedish state but has been operated as a separate profit unit within the Swedish Transport Administration Ferry Company.

On April 1, 2013, Tenö shipyard was sold to a consortium consisting of Simrishamns Varv AB and Uudenkaupungin Työvene OY, Finland.

On 1 December 2015, Öckeröborgen AB, which through its subsidiary operates the Ö-varvet and Hasslö shipyards, joined as a new owner in Tenö shipyard and Simrishamn's shipyard, in a new jointly owned parent company, Maringruppen Norden AB. Ö-borgen runs several other companies within the company, including Ö-varvet, Hasslö varv, Simrishamns varv, Berg Marin, Power House, Imatech Marin & Industri and Marine Parts Europe.

We offer and develop the market's leading services in maritime maintenance and repair. Our customers must meet committed employees at a well-equipped and modern shipyard that works rationally and cost-effectively. Our goal is for Tenö shipyard AB to be your priority partner when it comes to qualified shipyard work and work on quay facilities and ferry berths. And when the shipyard needs to get to the ship, we drive out with our well-equipped service car or boat and do the job on site.

We are certified for our quality, environmental and work environment work according to ISO 14000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and AFS 2001: 1. We are members of Föreningen Sveriges Varv.

Our vision:

  • Our returning customers include Waxholmsbolaget, Stockholm Sightseeing, Sjöfartsverket, Kustbevakningen, Strömma Kanalbolaget, Trafikverket Färjerederiet's road ferries, Blidösundsbolaget and training vessels and passenger / work vessels from many other shipping companies.
  • We will be the leading provider of services for industrial shipping.
    To create a good workplace for our employees. To be an efficient but pleasant place for our customers.
  • Manage and manage capital and skills and nurture the long legacy.
  • To run the day-to-day work to the best of their ability and deal with the company's resources in a sensible way.
  • To take responsibility for the customer even in good times.
  • To create a good workplace for the employees within the framework of sound financial management and that the development of the business is positive.
  • To stay in the shipbuilding industry and / or that which in the long run benefits the shipbuilding movement or creates side competence to develop it.
  • Happy and grateful.
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Vaxholm, Sweden

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