Oresund Dry Docks

Oresund Dry Docks

Oresund Dry Docks is one of the leading shipyards in Sweden. Our strategic location, in the heart of the Oresund, means shorter deviations for shipping companies operating the Baltic and Bothnian Sea and the North Sea. We offer cutting-edge competences within many areas – from project management to production.

At Oresund Dry Docks, we offer a team of dedicated problem solvers. We work in a structured and carefully planned way, to make your stop as short as possible. We focus on teamwork and efficient decision-making, which you should find both surprising and certainly beneficial. One of our major strengths lies in our flexibility, which enables us to meet any type of demand that may arise over the course of a project. And when you need us, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In other words, we keep you sailing – no matter what. To us, a successful project is not just about performing high-quality work and delivering on time – it’s also about customer satisfaction. Over all these years, we’ve never missed a deadline. We work with speed and efficiency, without compromising quality, safety or the environment. We follow Sweden’s renowned industrial tradition of top engineering, high quality and world-leading thinking in terms of safety and environmental care.

Our corporation currently has approximately 100 employees, and we are constantly further developing our competences and services. With decades of experience in ship repairs, our employees’ knowledge is enormous. Our large production facilities, along with our technical and staff resources, makes us a comprehensive partner for ship repairs, maintenance and rebuilding. Through our sister company, Oresund Steel Construction, we also offer construction of large steel structures.

We are a shipyard with a huge wealth of resources. Our facility has a high crane and quay capacity. We have vast workshop spaces, enabling us to accept large-scale assignments. Our dry dock is placed in the center of the complex for greater efficiency due to shorter workshop distances. The floating dock is located along our northern quay.

We offer a high level of technical skills and flexibility

Oresund Dry Docks possesses the competence and experience needed for both large and complicated rebuilding projects as well as smaller assignments, for most ship types. Paint jobs, steel repairs, electrical and interior decorating assignments and engine/rudder/piping work are just some of the tasks we frequently perform.

Thanks to our two docks, an 800 meter quay and our high capacity shipyard, we are able to undertake very large projects. RoRo, RoPax, offshore, container, tank and cruise ships, as well as icebreakers, are just some of the types of vessels that we have docked and have undergone extensive repairs and conversions, carried out by us.

Our complex is unique. Our dry dock is centrally situated, thus creating shorter workshop distances and eliminating the need for time-consuming transport. This enables us to work more efficiently for our customers’ benefit.

For more than a century we have carried out every type of assignment imaginable. Aside from conventional, scheduled repair, maintenance and reconstruction projects, we have extensive experience in working using unique solutions. For instance, we were the first in the world to convert a ship for gas propulsion.

Oresund Dry Docks is characterized by our high technical standard. We work continuously to further develop our staff’s skills and competences. You can always rely on a high level of competence with Oresund Dry Docks.

Flexibility and problem solving are important to us. It is always our goal to offer you quick assistance, if the need for emergency repairs should arise.

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Landskrona, Sweden

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