Ö-varvet is a newbuilding and repair / service shipyard that performs drying, repair / service, rebuilding, new construction and marine electronics on Öckerö. Our mechanical production takes place on Hönö, where we carry out, for example, the manufacture of winches and steel and aluminum constructions.

During the 2000s, we have implemented major changes, which means that we can proudly say that we have a modern facility. The changes have resulted in new drying opportunities, new quays, greater port depths and adapted workshops for all occupational groups. Security has been strengthened with fences and demarcations with other activities in the area. In 2009, we also inaugurated our new hull hall as well as our new offices and project space.
In 2011, the drying option was expanded with a ship trolley for up to 300 tonnes.

The business has also been organizationally improved and also environmentally protected. With this in mind, we feel that we have a good foundation for the future.

Our Services

Our main service areas today are:

  • Drying
  • Reparation / service
  • Reconstruction
  • New construction
  • Construction of winches & trawl drums
  • Marine electronics
  • Motor

Dry drying is the core of our business as this is directly necessary for us to be able to offer many of our other services.

We have seven different professional categories that together have the competence and capacity to perform all work in the following areas:

  • construction
  • Bottom work such as cleaning and painting
  • Sheet metal and welding work
  • Plumbing
  • Electronics work
  • Mechanical engine work

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Company Information
Öckerö, Sweden

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