Boghammar Marin

Boghammar Marin

Boghammar Marin AB is a shipyard centrally located in the inlet to Stockholm, on southern Lidingö opposite Fjäderholmarna, which gives shipowners a short walking time when the need for shipyards arises. The shipyard has a broad competence and can offer all forms of shipyard work. With a slip with a maximum tonnage of 110 tonnes and a hot hall that enables work on ships indoors, good conditions are created for well-executed work and shorter lead times.

Boghammar Marine's ambition is to offer our customers a total service. We have a well-developed network of subcontractors and suppliers and can undertake the most extensive work.

In addition to rebuilds, we are also building new vessels and have since 1905 launched over 1,170 newbuildings. Most Swedish sightseeing, passenger and restaurant vessels built in aluminum have been built here at Boghammar.

​Our offer includes:

  • New constructions
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Engine replacement
  • Shaft and propeller work
  • Blasting and painting.
  • Sheet metal and welding work in aluminum, iron and stainless steel
  • Hydraulic works
  • Mobil service

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Stockholm, Sweden

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