DCN diving

DCN diving

DCN Diving is a specialist subsea service provider delivering innovative engineering and subsea solutions for offshore oil and gas, renewable energy infrastructure and civil marine works.

With three companies in three countries, a daily deployment of 80-200 personnel worldwide and in-house engineering, equipment and certification, DCN is able to offer clients a comprehensive, well-resourced service. Support includes air and saturation diving, ROV intervention, dry space creation, hyperbaric welding and underwater concreting.

Formed in 1989 as a joint venture between Vriens Diving Company (founded in 1957 by W Vriens Snr.) and Raymakers, DCN was initially known as Vriens Diving.

Important historical milestones include:

1970’s – Development and manufacture of the first habitat for work on the ‘Oosterscheldekering’ (part of the Delta Works). During this project the Dutch Diving Tables were developed and tested and were named the Sterk-Vriens tables. The NDC (National Diving Centre) was also founded by W. Vriens during this period.

1980’s – Development of saturation capabilities with the purchase of the first saturation system, used on projects in Newfoundland (Core drilling from within a habitat) and Ekofisk, Germany (Soil Investigation). The saturation system was installed in a mineshaft to create a training facility.

1990’s – Development of underwater concreting techniques and expertise. Most work was undertaken in Berlin Germany on the Potsdamerplatz (underground parking and tunnels) redevelopment after the Berlin Wall was dismantled, and the complete railway tunnel between Potsdamerplatz and Lehrter Bahnhof.

2000’s – Several tunnels were build in the Netherlands and DCN worked on all these tunnelling projects, pouring the foundations using underwater concrete.

2010’s – Change in focus from underwater concrete back to where it all started, namely offshore/hyperbaric operations with the successful completion of a number of hyperbaric projects. Development of the DCN Hyperbaric Testing Facility.

2010’s – Became part of the Vriens-Stuifzand Group BV.

Area of Operation

DCN operates globally from the operational bases in Europe. Recent projects include operations in Europe, Asia, North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.

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