OSC Marine Group

OSC Marine Group

OSC Group – a forging of underwater innovation and engineering expertise.

The OSC Group is positioned strategically in West and East Africa and able to provide well-structured and complete services for Underwater Engineering and operations.

The OSC Group includes companies such as Cape Diving and TAG Diving which were well known companies active in the Offshore Oil and Gas Markets. Our strategy of “Underwater – Understood” enables us to offer a complete solution to our clients.

For clients with an Engineering Project requiring an underwater component, we provide concept design proposals to full installation and commissioning. With our understanding of underwater operations, we design and construct underwater machines, tools and methods that save significant installation costs and reduce risk.

Our recent projects have been awarded the SAICE “Technical Excellence” award proving our capability and expertise. “ The technical services we offer our clients: Emergency Pipeline Response Support (EPRS) – Most Gas pipe lines being supplied from offshore are critical lines that are active on Electrical power plants supporting cities.

OSC Group provides an emergency response to repair using Subsea Hyperbaric Welding. Our speciality is in the critical near shore surf zone. Active Water Pipeline Rehabilitation – Pipelines used in cooling large industry plants require a very fast rehabilitation time. OSC Group offer a seal replacement solution from within the pipe using our in-pipe seal replacement machines. IRM - Underwater Inspection, Repair & Maintenance – Through our diver and machine interventions we offer services including diving in shallow to ultra-deep applications, from Nuclear plant inspection to Offshore Saturation Diving.
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Cape Town, South Africa

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