SeaView Systems

SeaView Systems

SeaView Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of oceanographic and underwater technologies and services, providing unparalleled “Solutions in Depth” in the U.S. and worldwide for a broad range of inshore tunnel inspection and survey services, offshore asset inspection, and underwater custom tooling. 

We combine comprehensive ROV and engineering services including capabilities to design, develop, and deploy custom ROVs that go places others cannot. Our diverse line of subsea electronics products includes multiplexers, fiber optic upgrades, marinized connectors, and our industry-leading SVS-603 family of wave sensors, trusted on buoy networks and autonomous platforms throughout the world. We also offer off-the-shelf or significant upgrade versions of the BlueRobotics BlueROV2. Additionally, our set of sophisticated analysis tools and consulting services convert data to insight for all tunnel inspection survey results, from out-of-round analysis to sediment accumulation analysis and more.

We design and build custom ROVs targeting specialized underwater applications. We provide services such as ROV tunnel or structural inspections using precisely located HD video, 3D sonar mapping, and other techniques. We also develop and sell a range of specialty electronics for various oceanographic, ROV, and survey applications tailored to the underwater technology industry.

Our custom electronics are used to advance the state-of-the-art capabilities for ROV communications, metrology and oceanographic industrial and research applications around the world.

Our expertise includes ROV operations and high-end underwater surveys including the use of inertial navigation systems (INS) for geo-referencing, 3D sonar, and laser modeling. We regularly partner with key technology providers such as LimnoTech, White River Technologies, Greensea Systems, Inc., and Fenstermaker & Associates. By working with these trusted partners and others, we offer our customers the very latest and most sophisticated technologies and tooling for subsea applications as part of any system design.

With an extensive portfolio of more than 100 survey projects working in industries including hydroelectric, nuclear, oil and gas, municipal water systems, pulp mills, mines, military/police and science (NOAA and NASA), there’s a good chance that SeaView can leverage past experience as part of developing a solution for you.

From innovative electronics and custom vehicles that are tailored to your requirements, to skilled professional operations that get the job done with minimal intrusion to your operations, to sophisticated post-processing and comprehensive data analysis, SeaView has done it before.

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Michigan, USA

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