Ocean Robotics

Ocean Robotics

All development is done in close dialogue with our customers. From the start we have been working after a carefully thought-out model based on a modular architecture and scalability. Thereby we have created the ability to deliver products that meet our customers’ specific needs in a wide range of activities.


With more than 40 years’ experience from Offshore ROVs, each vehicle is specified to give the perfect balance between power and maneuverability and are designed and built to deliver high performance in a compact format requiring minimum maintenance.


Inshore under-water operations require reliable equipment that can withstand tough conditions and handling during operations as well as under transport and storage.


In the fiercely competitive aquaculture market ever increasing demands for faster turn-around and increased yield fuels innovation. Ocean Robotics products are well positioned to aid clients in this quest, as evident by our many special projects.


Looking for something new to fill the void in your superyacht inventory? Or do you need a submarine rescue back-up or a platform to stream high-res underwater videos to your guests onboard your boat.

Science & research

With the high modularity of Ocean Robotics systems and the ease of how they can be adapted to any layout the robots can be a solid base to build any research ROV, with sensors and actuators from any manufacturer or custom made.

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Linköping, Sweden

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