Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics

It all started when we decided that we wanted to try to send a solar powered robotic boat from Los Angeles to Hawaii. We wanted to do something cool that had never been done before.

While researching components for the project, we realized that the limiting component was the thruster. We needed something that could resist saltwater, operate continuously, and be efficient for months on end. Scouring the internet for options, we found hobbyists, students, researchers, and marine robotics companies that were in need of an affordable thruster.

We set out to design a new thruster that would be affordable, reliable, and more capable than anything out there to enable these people and many more to explore the ocean. We came up with the T100 Thruster, launched in a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Since then, they’ve become more popular than we ever could have imagined!

Our Mission

We’re enabling the future of ocean exploration.

We Build Components

Our customers are creating the next generation of ocean exploration robots using robust and affordable components from Blue Robotics

Our Products Are Accessible

Our open source philosophy and well-documented products provide a platform for thinkers and doers worldwide.

We’re Changing the Game

Fewer barriers to entry are spurring explorers, researchers, and disrupters to further our knowledge of the oceans.

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Company Information
Torrance, California, USA

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