BlueZone Group

BlueZone Group

In 2015 BlueZone Group was created when ATSA Defence Services and UVS were merged. 

ATSA Defence Services was founded in 2000 as the In-Service Support partner for Saab’s Double Eagle Mine Disposal System operated from the HUON Class Minehunter Costal ships by the Royal Australian Navy. UVS was founded in 1973 as a supplier ofquality subsea equipment and services to the Offshore Oil & Gas, Defence, Oceanographic, Hydrographic, Diving and Water Utility market sectors. UVS Trenchless designs, manufactures, supplies and services all types of equipment used for condition assessment of water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Our group has evolved from companies with strong connections to the customers and technologies of each market. Where there are synergies between market areas we look to leverage these for the benefit of our customers, reducing costs, providing faster delivery or developing innovative solutions resulting from bringing new vision and ideas from one market to another.

BlueZone Group maintains an Australia-wide footprint with approximately 40 staff operating from offices and fully-equipped workshops in Newcastle and Perth. This model enables BlueZone to offer local service, backup and sales to customers across Australia in markets including Defence; Offshore Oil & Gas, Oceanographic; Hydrographic Survey and Water Resources.

The strong sales capability of BlueZone Group is matched by a highly capable service and engineering capacity in underwater technology and systems engineering. BlueZone has completed multiple engineering projects for customers to meet tight deadlines and demanding operational conditions.

The focus of BlueZone Group companies is the application of world-leading technology to enable operations, science, maintenance and repair to be conducted in underwater or water-based environments. The BlueZone Group brings together the companies in a way that common understanding of technology can be shared with customers in varied markets. By working with customers ranging from science applications in the deep oceans to water infrastructure in busy cites, BlueZone companies can leverage the latest ideas and innovations from one market to another. Where the Group has several complementary capabilities, it can also combine these to offer wider solutions.

The products, capabilities and the application understanding uniquely position BlueZone Group in Australia to be able to provide system and sub-system solutions. These solutions are underpinned by experienced through-life management support capability that ensures the capabilities are delivered and sustained in-service.

The BlueZone Group actively invests in Research & Development projects to provide solutions for customer challenges across our market areas.

The BlueZone Group companies can provide support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. BlueZone Group provides the exceptional agility and responsive support of a small business, backed by systems and processes normally associated with then high-quality delivery of a larger business.

BlueZone Group Companies have a deep understanding of its specialist application areas combined with knowledge of the customer requirements to provide a capability to deliver innovative solutions to meet the customer need.
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