Silverccrest Submarine

Silverccrest Submarine

Silvercrest Submarines can offer a range of Rovs, submarines, submersibles, and support services, to individuals, dive operators, and organisations involved in:

» Underwater Filming, TV advertising and promotions.
» Underwater Tourism and Leisure.
» Search and Salvage.
» Scientific Research.
» Submarine Rescue (DSRV).
» Deep Sea Operations

Silvercrest Submarines can arrange Submarine Maintenance, and Pilot Training courses for purchasers. Submarine Refit and Certification programmes can also be provided.

We have a number of submarines available for short term hire and long term charter (with experienced crews), that are ideal for scientific research projects, underwater filming, TV advertisements, boat shows, exhibitions, corporate incentive programmes, and subsea salvage operations. Call us at anytime to discuss your underwater plans, we are always very pleased to offer ideas and suggestions.

Our charter rates are very competitive
For example the two-man ComSub with a diving depth of 600ft (200m), is a lightweight mini-sub that is easily transported by road and sea to anywhere in the world. This submarine is ideal for a wide range of activities, including underwater filming, scientific research, and subsea exploration.

The ComSub two-man submarine was built in Europe to a very high technical standard that offers a relatively spacious interior, and a full range of safety features. Ideal for yacht-based activities, underwater filming, scientific research, and for corporate activities. Operating depth: 200m (600ft). Dry weight: 4tons. Viewports: 4 x flat acrylic (340mm) forward looking, 4 x conning tower (120mm), 1 x hatch viewport (90mm). External Lights, Compass, Sonar, Echo sounder, and communications. Available for sale or charter.

Russian Submarine for Charter.

A Russian Projektu-613 class submarine, NATO code named "Whiskey". Built during 1956-1957 as a Soviet Navy hunter/killer. A total of 256 Whiskey class submarines were built at nine different shipyards in the Soviet Union. Length: 75.2m. Beam: 6.3m. Draft: 3m fore, 4.8m aft. Displacement: 1050 tons surfaced, 1350 tons submerged. When in service, the sub had a crew of 56 on board. One shift sleeping and one on duty. When sailing, the vessel could stay submerged for three days. The submarine is divided into seven watertight sections: Forward torpedo room, living areas/ battery room, aft torpedo room/living quarters, control room/living quarters/galley and engine/ battery room. The crew mess has about 40 table-seats. All areas can be used by the general public.
This submarine is the ideal venue for film producers, corporate entertainment, parties, weddings, dances, and special events.

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