DeepSeaTronics saw an opportunity and began selling commercial diving equipment to the local and international offshore oil industry.

Since its founding, DeepSeaTronics has been growing and nurturing an ever-expanding line of products serving its customer base. 

DeepSeaTronics specializes in the following:
  • Commercial Diving Equipment
  • ROV
  • Communications
  • CCTV Systems
  • Diver Hatlights
  • Service of U/W Equipment 
DeepSeaTronics has been fortunate in developing long-term relationships with reputable manufacturers and distributors worldwide. DeepSeaTronics also supplies, develops, services, maintains and manufactures several lines of equipment highly respected within the underwater industries, including ROV's, CCTV Units, Diver Hatlights, Diver Communications, Helium Unscramblers, and other cutting-edge products. 

DeepSeaTronics manufacturing team continually refines its products by using only the best, most state-of-the-art, technology as well as relying on feedback from our customer base to improve existing systems. 

DeepSeaTronics is dedicated to provide its customers with the highest quality products. Through its renowned customer service, and an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable staff, DeepSeaTronics ability to adapt and conform to its customer's needs is a priority 

Our Vision is to be regarded as one of the top leaders in the industy, to be associated with excellence and innovation, and to develop lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. 

Our Mission is to remain service oriented, to foresee and act upon the needs of our customers

Mission Statement
"DeepSeaTronics shall continue to supply, develop, service, maintain and manufacture the highest quality underwater equipment available, while maintaining a strong reputation for excellent customer service.
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Company Information
Cape Town, South Africa

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