C-Kore Systems Ltd was founded to bring modern testing technology to the subsea industry.

We started our journey as part of Zetechtics, designers and manufacturers of the award winning Jupiter subsea control systems, before being launched as an independent company in 2012. The early years of C-Kore were spent on research and development, we started with our Cable Monitor tool and the low-voltage IR testing concept. This went through many prototypes and two generations of field-trials with customers, before further development to the commercial (third generation) design.

After gaining market trust in 2015, the following years saw widespread adoption of the C-Kore Cable Monitor as it benefits became apparent to our customers. The cost savings and measurement improvements have led it to become the de-facto choice for our customers’ subsea testing needs. As well as continually improving the technology, we have used our knowledge to develop new tools for the subsea industry, such as our Cable TDR and Pressure Monitor.

We have a team of dedicated designers and engineers who are passionate about making life easier for subsea engineers by bringing fast, modern and reliable testing techniques to the offshore industry.

C-Kore subsea measurement tools find faults and prove the health of umbilicals, jumpers, control modules, down-hole sensors (or anything else) without using downlines. The tools save days of vessel time allowing more to be achieved in every offshore campaign.

Mobilisation and deployment is simple. The measurement program is automated, dramatically speeding up the testing process and reducing the risk of human error. The tools are not much larger than standard dummy plugs, allowing simple hand-carried mobilisation and easy handling for divers and ROV.

  • Save vessel time and cost, get more done in every campaign

  • Eliminate the delays and uncertainties of downlines and platform-led testing

  • Diver safe, simple to use and automated

C-Kore was designed specifically to speed up and simplify subsea testing and in the process give far more accurate measurement data. It saves days of vessel time and more faults are found in each intervention campaign.

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