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Electric Winch 2.2 kW 0.24Te

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Romica TIE Group
Year built


 The winch drum is driven by a chain mounted on the output shaft of a 2.2 kW SEW electric gearmotor fitted with a failsafe brake unit and is connected to the corresponding drive inverter in the control panel. The drum electrical drive is controlled by a pendant with the following controls, direction is determined by 2 momentary pushbuttons, speed is adjusted by a potentiometer and an Emergency Stop.

There are 2 pendants, the local remote pendant (hard wired) has a 5 meter cable and the detachable remote pendant has a 20 meter cable. Both pendants can be stored within the winch frame

The brake, being failsafe, always defaults to on should, for any reason, electrical supply is lost, or any momentary pushbuttons is released. The non-drive side housings a bearing and a slipring.

The spooling device is mechanically chain driven from the SEW Electric gearmotor drive shaft and the cable is guided via the carriage

assembly. To ensure correct spooling of the cable range 6 -12mm there are three sprocket, chain, and sheave wheel configurations.

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