Active Heave Compensation System

The Scantrol Active Heave Compensation (AHC) system is a control and monitoring solution for winches used for subsea applications, and is designed to compensate for vessel motion that would otherwise be transferred to the load.
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The system can be used on new winches or cranes or retrofitted to existing units to increase the operational uptime of a vessel by filtering away vessel motion from the load when installed on a crane or winch control system. This system is a full scale AHC solution that can be configured to control any winch, hydraulic and electric. Suitable for LARS systems, cranes and winches and is available for outright purchase or rental. 


  • Proven and standardized solution installed on 80+ AHC systems worldwide
  • Flexible configuration to adapt to the application
  • The system is operated from a main control cabinet, and gives the operator precise control even in rough sea conditions. This results in increased operational time and minimized weather related downtime. 

The system Includes:

Main Cabinet containing an iCON AHC controller running Scantrol AHC, and configurable inputs and outputs to adapt to the application. Also features HMI and main winch controls. Status and measurement data is displayed on a touch-screen monitor. IP67, stainless steel.

Motion Reference Unit (MRU) Sensor for measuring vessel heave, pitch and roll motion. Delivered in transportation box, and includes an IP67 stainless steel cabinet for installation on the vessel.

Encoder Sensor for measuring winch RPM, which is used for wire length calculation.

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