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Power Cable Plough

This heavy duty power cable plough is a system from Soil Machine Dynamics. It is rated for 500m and features a 265kW jetting and comes complete with surface control system, umbilical winch, cables and spares. The equipment was originally delivered to Reef Subsea in 2013 and was demobilised in 2015. It can handle a range of flexible products up to 200mm diameter with a 3.0m MBR. It is available immediately for sale or lease ex-works.

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Id102   picture
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ManufacturerSoil Machine Dynamics
Year built2013
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• 500msw depth rated
• Product size 30mm to 200mm, 3m MBR
• 36te air weight
• 265kW Jetting pump
• Steering and drawbar lift
• Share jetting to improve progress in dense sand
• Surveillance equipment (cameras, lamps, sonar, profilers, etc)
• Fully instrumented
• Nominal 3m MBR upper bellmouth
• Diverless unloading
• Umbilical winch with 1000m aramid armoured umbilical
• 20ft Surface DVECS II Control & Power System
• For more information see document attached