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Drill-Quip Subsea Tree

This equipment is a 4-1/16-inch 5,000 psi Xmas tree system which was purchased as a long lead item for an offshore project in the Mediterranean sea. Following an unsuccessful drilling campaign, it is now available and can be acquired if the right offer is made. The system is currently stored in a warehouse in Denmark.

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The system includes:
• 4-1/6-inch X-mas tree assembly
• Casing Hanger 13-5/8-inch x 95/8-inch
• Neck Seal 4-1/2-inch
• Tubing Hanger Neck Seal Assembly 7-inch
• Tree Blind Radial Bolt Connect
• Methanol Injection Kit
• Temporary Abandonment Cap 20-inch (x2)
• TA Cap 9-5/8-inch Threaded Type MS (x2)
• TA Cap 13-3/8-inch Threaded Type M (x2)
• 20-inch Mudline Hanger
• 13-5/8-inch x 4-1/2-inch Tubing Hanger
• Bling Flange 2 1/16-inch 10K W/BX1 (x2)
• Clamp Set B20 2 1/16-inch
• Wellhead Housing
• Retainer Ring
• Neck Seal
• Spacer Ring .
• More information available upon request.