Containerised Dive Control/DDC

60" Twin-lock chamber and 3 diver dive control panel mounted in 22' BSEN 12079 container. See below for further information or contact seller directly.


 Twin lock 60” / 1.5m diameter chamber designed to BS 5500 Cat 1:

  • Manufacturer Lake and Nichols
  • Design pressure 150 psi
  • Hydrostatic test pressure 225 psi
  • Design temperature -10°C to +40°C
  • Main lock volume 6m3
  • Entry lock volume 2m³
  • 4 x view ports 
  • 10”/25cm diameter medical lock with pressure interlock safety system (external only)
  • Entry lock seat
  • 1 x bunk beds
  • Primary and secondary air supplies
  • Built in breathing system (‘BIBS’) C/W Scott Pressure Vak 2 masks
  • Primary and secondary communications systems
  • Chamber observation CCTV system
  • Hyperbaric fire extinguisher
  • Emergency CO2 scrubber
  • Externally mounted chamber heating systems
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide analysers
  • Removable stainless steel deck plates
  • Chamber control panel
  • Fully tested to IMCA DO18 requirements and witnessed by Lloyds Register
  • Fully maintained in accordance with IMCA guidelines 

 IMCA D023 compliant, stainless steel engraved, 3 x diver panel including:

  • Primary and secondary air supplies
  • Tungum pipework and brass fittings tested and certified to 1.5 x SWP
  • Diver air supply O2 analysis
  • 2 x Amcom model 2830 R, 3 x diver communications units
  • Four channel speaker station for external communications
  • Quad TV diver camera monitors
  • Diver black box recorder and monitor
  • Survey monitor
  • Diver depth profile monitoring and recording system
  • 4 x Hat light control units
  • DP alarm
  • 4 x uninterrupted power supply units (UPS) 
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