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1000 HP Super Single Rig

Design : MD Cowan Nominal Drilling Depth: 9800ft (3000m) 4-1/2” DP 8200ft (2500m) 5” DP Wire Line Dia: 1-1/4”

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ManufacturerTop Oilfield Industries Ltd
Year built2010
ConditionLast CAT Inspection: CAT IV 2015
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MAST Make: IDS Height: 72ft (21.95m) Max. Hook Load: 550,000 Lbs. 

SUBSTRUCTURE Model: IDS Height: 19.6ft Width: 12ft 

DEAD LINE ANCHOR Model: Hercules HA-119T Load Rating: 60,000 Lbs. 

DRAWWORKS Model: Rig Tech RT-400BE Rated Capacity: 1000 HP Auxiliary Brake: Eaton WCB424 

TRAVELLING SYSTEM Travelling Block: MD Cowan Integrated 4 Sheave 550,000 Lbs. Crown Block: IDS 550,000 Lbs. 7 Nos. Sheave TOP DRIVE Model: Venture Tech XK-250 Hydraulic Max. Rotary Speed: 165 RPM Rated Capacity: 500,000 Lbs. Pressure: 5000psi 

ROTATING SYSTEM Rotary Table: 27-1/2” POWER CONTROL SYSTEM Prime Mover: 3 x CAT 3512B AC Generator: 3 x KATO 6P6-3300 Power Transfer type: AC-SCR-DC Working Voltage: 600V SCR System: 4 x Bay Omron Ross Hill Style WELL CONTROL SYSTEM Ram BOP: Cameron, Type U Double 13-5/8” 5000psi Annular BOP: Cameron - Townsend Type 90 13-5/8” 5000psi BOP Control Device: Burnsco 6 Station, 3000psi Choke Manifold: Swaco, 4” x 5000 PSI 

MUD SYSTEM Mud Pumps: 2 x Weatherford MP-13 1000HP Mud Tank: 1006 (160m3) Shale Shaker: 2 x Derrick, Flo-Line Cleaner 504 De-sander: 3 x NOV 10” Dia. De-silter: 12 x NOV 10” Dia. Mud Gas Separator: Triple S Construction, 10ft Vacuum Degasser: Derrick, Vacu Flo-500