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Fast Moving Land Drilling Rig

Fast Moving 1500HP SCR Land Drilling Rig Design: Union Industrielle and D'Enterprise (UIE) Nominal Drilling Depth: 16000 ft. with 4-1/2” DP Wire Line Dia: 1-3/8”

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ManufacturerTop Oilfield Industries Ltd
Year built2015
ConditionLast CAT Inspection: CAT IV 2015
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  • MAST Make / Type: UIE / K Style Single Structure Height: 147ft (44.80m) Static Hook Load: 750,000 Lbs. 
  • SUBSTRUCTURE Make / Type: UIE Height: 30Ft (9.144M) Height, Rotary beam to 25.69FT (7.83M) Ground Rotary Capacity: 1,300,000 Lbs. Setback Capacity: 500,000 Lbs.
  • DRAWWORKS Type: National UE 110 Power rating: 1500 HP Input Power: 2 x GE752 DC Motor Drilling line Diameter: 1-3/8” in. Auxiliary Brake: Baylor 6032 
  • TRAVELLING SYSTEM Crown Block: UIE 6 x 50” Sheaves, 1 x fast-line Sheave (50”) Travelling Block: Gardner Denver GDM 400, 6 x 50” Sheaves 800,000 Lbs. Top Drive: Global Drilling Support, USA GDM 500, 500 Ton 1,000,000 Lbs. GE B20 AC motor 800 HP, 2500 RPM 80,000 Lbs. - Breakout torque 45,000 ft-lbs. – Continuous Torque Hook: National H500 1,000,000 Lbs.
  • ROTATING SYSTEM Rotary Table: National Model C-375 37-1/2” Independent drive GE-752 500 HP 
  • POWER CONTROL SYSTEM Engines: 4 x CAT 3512B Generators: 4 x SR4B (1045 kw) Power Transfer type: AC-SCR-DC Back-up Engine: 1 x CAT C-15 
  • WELL CONTROL SYSTEM High Pressure Annular: 1 x Axon, 13-5/8” 5000 psi H.P RAM Preventer: 1 x Single + 1 x Double ram, 13-5/8” 5000 psi BOP Control Device: Top Oilfield 8 Station, 3000psi Choke & Kill Manifold: 3-1/16” x 10,000 psi
  • MUD SYSTEM Mud Pumps: 2 x National Oilwell 12-P-160 1600HP, 5000 psi Active mud Volume: 1280 bbl Reserve Mud Volume: 440 bbl Shale Shaker: 2 x NOV King Cobra – 2.5 HP De-sander 2 x Cone, Brandt / SRS-2 De-silter 16 x Cone, Brandt / SE-16 Mud/Gas Separator: Closed Bottom, 140” Height Vacuum Degasser: MISWACO, Horizontal, 1000 GPM 
  • ENHANCEMENTS Iron Roughneck: WR80 Wrangler, Forum USA 80,000 Ft-lbs.