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FT-6000 7 bar WP Cartridge Filtration Unit

FT-6000 7 bar WP Cartridge Filtration Unit available for sale which can handle well completion fluids, brine gravel pack fluids, glycolamines, work-over fluids acids, bilge water, produced water, waste water stimulation fluids, pre-filtration seawater and diesel.

Filteration unit
Filteration unit
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ManufacturerU S Gauge
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• Maximum Working Pressure: 7 bar g (100psi) 
• Design Temperature: 700 C 
• Maximum Throughput: 172 m3/hour (18 bbl/min) 
• Approx. Quantity of Filter Elements: 50/Vessel. 
• Safety Relief Valves: One on each vessel 
• Cartridge Type: 2.7” x 50” 
• Tank diameter: 26” 
• Material: 316Stainless steel 
• Pipe work configurations: 4” Individual / Serial / Parallel, 
• Lifting Frame: DNV Certified 2.7-1/BS EN122079 
• Weight (empty): 1750 kg 
• Dimensions: W1500mm x L2500mm x H 2250mm