10Te A-frame & Winch

PLEASE NOTE: this is a new product which is built to order. Price will depend on actual agreed specification and lead time will be 14 - 18 weeks from order.


10Te A-Frame & winch typically used for deploying Oceanographic sensors such as side-scan sonar, etc. See below for further details or contact seller.

The A-Frame consists of a rigid frame pivoting on to supports mounted directly on the ship’s deck. The rigid frame has three main components:

two arms and one square section cross beam. The two arms are rigidly connected with the crossbeam.

Each arm is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinders are connected to the arms with eyes and pins. The cylinder is connected on a

deck-mounted support also with eyes and pins. When the rod of the cylinder is fully retracted the A-Frame is in its maximum inboard position.

When the rods are extended the A-Frame starts to rotate around its pivoting axis and it reaches its final maximum overboard position when

the hydraulic cylinders reach their maximum extended length. To move back the A-Frame in its inboard position the cylinders are retracted

back. Due to the hydraulic control system and the method of mechanical attachment to the A-Frame the cylinders work synchronously. The AFrame

and Auxiliary Winches will be controlled via 3 positions, spring return to center directional control valves.

The A-Frame is manufactured in modular segments, so that it can be disassembled to allow for standard road transportation.

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