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Flunder ROV for Rent

Flunder ROV system is available for rental only. See below for further details or contact us directly.


Power, speed and maneuverability for the most adverse situations

Maximum working depth: 500/1000 meters

Structure: Customized stainless steel chassis and protections, weight 45-95 kg (depending upon the equipment).

Propulsion: 6 electric magnetic coupled brushless thrusters with 400/900 W each (4 horizontal vectorized and 2 verticals)

Sensors: Depth meter, compass, inclination sensor for the ROV and for the Tilt mechanism, and power consumption.

Camera: Full HD camera (1920 x 1080) with integrated laser pointers in aluminum housing on external tilt mechanism and Full HD online transmission via cooper umbilical cable.

Lighting:  4 high output LED lights (>2900 lm each  - Cluster LED). 2 spotlights installed on tilt system with the camera, and 2 fixed external spotlights.

Automatic functions: Auto Depth, Auto Dive, Auto Head, automatic Gimbal (automatic tilt correction to maintain the observed horizon).

Consoles and PSU: Surface/video console in Pelicase with 21,5’ display and 500 GB SSD recording unit; Wireless steering console in Pelicase with 2 joysticks for ROV piloting, LED intensity and all pilot functions available; self-regulating power supply.

Umbilical (standard): Neutral buoyancy multipolar cable with high visibility yellow polyethylene/polyurethane coating and Kevlar reinforcement (breaking strength of 2.000 kg).

Warranty: limited lifetime warranty (see our warranty terms and conditions).

The ROV system can be rented Contact us for further details and pricing.

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