Geotechnical marine drill rig

Marine drill rig available for sale. See below for further information


Equipment details

  • Maximum recommended drill pipe length - 5” / 5.5” steel drill pipe and collars, collars and BHA ~350meters
  • Length of drill pipe joints - 5 meters
  • Drill pipe management - Drill pipes are brought in an out of the derrick by use of the tilting top drive with a chuck to grab hold of the pipe. Make up and break out are achieved through use of the top drive, chuck and deck clamp.
  • Heave Compensation - In-line 3.0m stroke (±1.50m): (passive) Heave interval 5-8 seconds. The system can be locked at any position. An anti-sling-shot device is installed for safe operations.
  • Seabed frame - Weight out of water 10MT (can be modified by adding or subtracting weights. Deployed via a looped wire rope compensated with a line tensioner
  • Maximum water depth operating limits: 200meters
  • Mud System - mixing mud tanks of 10m³ x 2 units 2 units of duplex mud pumps with discharge rate – 100 to 150 gal/min @ ~386psi
  • 3rd party down hole tools - Designed to deploy tools up to 11meters long. Gin pole secures the 3rd party’s umbilical lifting sheave
  • Transport and Installation - The drill rig package is de-mountable and can be shipped by sea containers. The rig package equipment is designed to be deck mounted with plug and play quick coupling.
  • Ship-side requirement - Drilling rig can be placed over a moon pool or onto a cantilever for over-side
  • Power requirements - The rig package has its own diesel driven HPU. 
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