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Triton XL 100 HP WROV for Sale

Perry Triton XL work class ROV for sale. Fully refurbished and ready to operate with around 2,300m of umbilical. Optional spare vehicle available to provide additional redundancy. See below for further detailed information.


We are pleased to offer the following Perry Triton XL Workclass ROV system for immediate sale following an extensive refurbishment. This complete WROV system is ready to operate and is probably the best Triton XL ROV available due to the scope and quality of the recently completed refurbishment program. 

This system has many new components (such as new control container) and comes ready to work with comprehensive spares package. Optional spare ROV available to provide additional redundancy. Rated to 2,500m, this WROV is well suited to most subsea work tasks including construction or drill support, pipeline inspection or survey, salvage & IMR. The system, which comprises the following main components, can be inspected in Europe at short notice. 

General system specification

  • ROV/TMS rated to 2500m maximum Water Depth 
  • Payload 200Kg 
  • Up to 2.5 Knots/ 750 Kgf FWD Thrust 
  • Includes workclass manipulator package
  • Lars / Winch Dynacon & Lawson with 2288m of umbilical 
  • TMS with 500m of Tether Cable 
  • 20’ Container for Control Van 
  • 20’ Container for Workshop/ Spares container

ROV specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 340 x 1.20 x 2.10 
  • Weight in air/sea water (Kg): 3500 / Neutral 
  • Depth Rating (WD): 2500WD 
  • Propulsion thrusters: 4 Horizontal & 3 Vertical 
  • Thrust FWD/LAT/VERT(kgf): 750/600/450 
  • Speed FWD (Knot). > 2.5 
  • Payload (Kg): 200 
  • Autopilot Heading, Depth, Altitude 
  • Power requirements : 200KVA, 440/480 VAC, 50/60 Hz


  • Top Hat TMS with 300m of Tether 

Lars System 

  • Lawsons FA1865 winch with 2288m of Umbilical 
  • A-Frame Dynacon 6021 
  • 100KW HPU 


  • ISO 20’ Control Cabin, 12 T 6.00 x 2.45 x H2.6m 
  • ISO 20’ Workshop/ Spares Container

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