Seaeye Leopard Light Work ROV

For immediate sale, 1000m rated Seaeye Leopard Light Work ROV; fully maintained and ready to operate. System comprises: ROV, TMS, LARS, Containers and spares. See below for further details or contact us directly.


Main Particulars

  • Depth Rating: 1000m
  • Max. Payload: 280 kg.
  • Weight: 1200 kg
  • Fwd. Speed: >3.5 kn.
  • Power. Req.: 380~480 VAC / 50~60Hz / 150 kVA

Dimensions & Performance

  • Length: 2150mm
  • Width: 1160mm
  • Height: 1174mm
  • Through Frame Lift: 1000 kg
  • Thrust Forward: 493 kgf
  • Thrust Lateral: 377 kgf
  • Thrust Vertical: 225 kgf
  • Propulsion: 11 x Vectored SM9 Thrusters
  • Auto Functions: Station keeping, cruise, transit, depth, pitch, roll
  • Fibre Optics: GigE – fibre mux for ROV control and data, 8 channel CWDM for 100% redundancy and 4 spare wavelengths
  • Client Fibre Mux.: 8 x composite video, 16 x RS232/485/422, 50 Mbs Ethernet

Tether Management System

  • Design: TMS08 caged system with 200m of 20.6mm tether capacity
  • Cage adjustment for tooling skid sand survey equipment

Launch & Recovery System

  • Type: Hydramech HH97 LARS
  • SWL: 5000 kg max.
  • Power: 380/415–440/480V 50/60 Hz
  • Hydraulics: 130lpm @ 250BAR (60Hz)
  • Focal slipring unit with triple pass single mode fibre optics      

Equipment & Tooling

  • Gig-E, HD Video
  • Bathy: Tritech 701-40 series with PA500 Altimeter
  • Sonar: Tritech DFS Super SeaKing
  • 4.5kW Brushless DC HPU
  • 4.5kW Brushless DC Water Jet
  • Schilling Orion 7P Manipulator
  • Schilling Orion 4R Manipulator

Control & Workshop Vans

  • 20’ Split DnV 2.7-1 A60 Container with Control Cabin
  • 10’ DnV 2.7-1 A60 Container Workshop


  • Above standard spares package (spare iHPU motor and HPU motor etc)

Contact us for further details and pricing.

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