Geotechnical Offshore Rig (Rental)

Geotechnical offshore rig available for rental only. See below for further details or contact us directly.


Main particulars

  1. Derrick Structure = Total height: 80ft; Section = 7ft x 5ft; Capacity = 30 tons
  2. Rooster Box (Sampling Platform) Dimension = 6ft x 5ft
  3. Draw Works Winch: CH150A (BRADEN) with 19mm running at second layer with 4 nos. of sheaves = 6000kg x 3.5 = 21tons.
  4. Headline Winch PD12C (BRADEN) with rated to 1.5 tons, drum capacity of 20m x 12mm wire rope.
  5. Tail line Winch Pull Master with rate upload of 3300lbs, drum capacity of 20m x 12mm wire rope.
  6. Sampling Winch Kawasaki Stappa Motor with capacity of 1 to 1.5tons, drum capacity 400m x 22mm wire rope.
  7. Deck Clamp Clamping force = 12 tons; Holding weight = 20 tons
  8. Mousehole Clamp Clamping force of 12 tons with maximum opening hole of 200mm diameter.
  9. Power Pack V8-71 DETROIT, main pump 3 phases, V4-71 DETROIT, main pump 3 phases
  10. Mud Pump GASO TULSA Model no. 1550-2 1⁄2 - 5 x 10, with max pressure 520psi flow at 80rpm~100gpm. 
  11. Air Charge: 7 Cylinders Air Cylinder of 230L BS5430 with Compressor INGERSOLL-RAND 15TA Capacity of 200ltr/min x 3500psi. 
  12. 1Mud Tank Three compartments with total volume of 5000 gallons of normal drill mud: 1 x 2000 gallons; 1 x 1500 gallons; 1 x 1500 gallons
  13. Drill Pipes; 5” API drill pipe Range II grade E with ID 4” and 51⁄2’ IF BOX & IF PIN. API & Aluminium drill pipes 9m x 45 nos = 405m
  14. Drill Collars & Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA): 6 1⁄2” OD and 4” ID with 4 1⁄2“ IF BOX & IF PIN Spiral Drill collar: 9m x 2nos = 18 m.
  15. Power Swivel Dando 1000 Maximum RPM of 200 with total hook load of 30 tons.
  16. Tong Ram Pulling force of 2 tons with maximum opening hole of 200mm diameter.
  17. Seabed Frame c/w Shear Ram Total weight of 10 tons with 150m depth wire-line complete with Shear Ram.
  18. SBF Clamp Clamping force of 12 tons with maximum holding weight of 20 tons.
  19. Drill String Compensator Maximum stroke of 3m with capacity of 30 tons.
  20. Sampling & PCPT System: 
  21. CPT Data Logger System WISON-APB systems for CPT testing with maximum of 3m stroke22
    1. WISON-APB system's WIP push sampler stainless with steel tube up to 1m long with sample diameter of 75mm/3” (thick/thin/adaptable core catcher).
    2. Wire-line hammer sampling of 3”/2” diameter shelby tubes with 64kg ram weight and 0.76m freefall.
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