2000HP Oilwell E2000 Drilling Rig

2000HP Oilwell E2000 Drilling Rig is available for immediate sale. See below for further information.


Main particualrs

  1. NATIONAL P-650 swivel (s/n 651-10)
  2. CANRIG 500 ton model 1050E with control house (s/n 188)
  3. NOV 3080 Iron roughneck (s/n 1044)
  4. OILWELL 27 1/2" rotary table (s/n 688)
  5. KOOMEY 180 gal 7 station air and electric accumulator with remote (s/n 2503)
  6. CAT D399TA's (s/n 35B5830, 35B6320) each with KATO 1050 kW generators, oversized radiators, cold start LISTER diesel powered air compressor, and (2) SULAIR screw type electric air compressor. (RAN OUT by CAT dealer)
  7. Mud tanks with stirrers, shakers, electric centrifugal pumps, de sander, de sliter, cyclone, SWACO mud de gasser
  8. 10' x 45' Pusher house (s/n 125-113)
  9. Junk box with misc. 25 lift subs, 15 cross over-bit subs, mud bucket, kelly drive bushing, elevator bails, solid master bushing, 13 5/8" 5000 drilling spool, vibrator hose, kelly valves, dart valves
  10. Triptank, Oil bin, Catwalk, V-door, driller dog house, ODS dog house, mud mixing house, fuel tank, derrick stand, (3) water tanks, suitcases, survey unit, combination storage house pump parts house (liners, rods etc), hand rails, shaker screenbox.
  11. CAT 4 inspected
  12. New sub saver 6-5/8
  13. New complete 3" wash over pipe

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