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Built by ROVBUILDER (, the RB300 is designed for observation, inspection, exploration or search & rescue missions. The RB300 is capable of operating in depths up to 200 m, with a cable length of 220 meters and with a 5 thruster configuration.  Easily controlled by a standard Sony joystick. The colour camera can tilt 180 deg. The ROV is lightweight which makes deployment very easy. The console is built in a professional Pelican case and contains all electronics for the remote control, power supply and video processing including video text overlay. See attached brochure for more information. Features include:
  • Working depth till 200 meters;
  • Tether length 220 meters;
  • Colour camera 600 TVL;
  • 5 thrusters: 2 horizontal, 2 vertical 1 lateral.

Img struct unterwasser rov rb mini 600 2 920
Rb 300 7
Img struct unterwasser rov rb mini 600 2 920
Rb 300 7
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Year built2016
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