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The AQUAPULSE 1B-Compact (38cm) UNDERWATER METAL DETECTOR has featured in every conceivable underwater application around the world in the past decade with an exceptional degree of success.  It is an underwater metal detector employing a large diameter search head mounted on the end of a telescopic arm. The 1B can detect objects up to a range of 3m (10ft). This makes it the most powerful unit on the market. Apart from the sensitivity threshold control, the 1B underwater metal detector has an additional control to enable the whole range of AQUAPULSE coils and accessories to be used with it. The same control can be used to reject surface clutter such as ring pulls, cigarette foil etc., often found buried in the sand or mud. The internal NiMH battery pack allows in the order of 10 hours operation.

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Img 794b1aea0b5cf9cf0fb42ef376301648 v
Img dc57bd68a6e3d2e3fb04e52965c66c9e v
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