Siemens Turbogenerators SGT - 30...


For sale, 2-off unused single-shaft, Siemens industrial gas turbine generators. Dual fuel (natural gas and diesel) - Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system, meeting stringent legislation.These items have never been used and have been preserved since...


Brand - Siemens (GT) 
Power generation: 7.90 MW(e) (ISO zero loss) 
Heat rate: 11,773 kJ/kWh (11,158 Btu/kWh)
Model - SGT-300

Brand -  HYUNDAI (Gen.)
Electric Generator
Voltage – 6.9 kV
Frequency - 60 Hz

Vibration monitoring system

Start system
Hydraulic motor and pump – AC electric motor driven
Commissioning spares, 2-years spares.
Commissioning tools, 1-year consumables

Dimensions (m)
Generation unit – 13.50 x 2.85 x 5.02

Unit weight (kg) EA
Generation unit – 55,112

2 (EA), Colombia – Barranquilla, Free trade zone