Micro Observation Class ROV

CCROV is an excellent competent micro class ROV at an affordable price, ideal for the control, monitoring and exploration of inshore and seabeds, cages in off-shore farms, oil rigs, submarine pipelines, as well as for archaeological research and for mi...
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CCROV is an excellent competent micro observe class ROV with compact size, light and extremely easy to handle even with no experience of ROV piloting. Also with a shell made of polymer composites that resistant to sea water.

In terms of stability in water, CCROV is also equipped with a function for maintaining the buoyancy, it will make adjustment on propellers spinning for stability when water flow changing. A function that allows the observation of the underwater world once the desired depth has been reached without having to resort to continuous manual adjustments.

Manufactured by Vxfly Intelligent Information Technology, a manufacturer of Micro observe class ROV "CCROV", also we are in R&D processing of different class ROV and unmanned surface vehicle. We working since 2015 and until now we have dozens of customers in countries and distributors in Germany, Norway, Japan, Chile, Thailand, etc. 

The high flexibility of use of the CCROV allows you to use it with professional results:

  • In marine inspection and commercial diving work supporting.
  • In aquaculture for the control of fish and farming facilities.
  • In guidance of underwater salvage locating and operation. 
  • In inspections of dams, basins and pipelines.
  • In monitoring aquatic environments.
  • In underwater archeology and salvage.
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